One of the top home remodeling trends and real estate trends right now is a first-floor master bedroom or first-floor master suite.

Here is why a First Floor Master is so hot right now:

  1. Boomers are getting older. Sorry, but it’s true! Baby boomers are retiring and getting older. They may not be as mobile as they once were. Maybe they have knee trouble or back issues. Or maybe they just want to have their house prepared for the future possibility that they will be less mobile than they are now.
  2. Families need mother-in-law suites. Can you bear the thought of placing your parents in a nursing home? Building on a first-floor master can serve as a type of mother-in-law suite so your aging loved one can be cared for at home. Add on a kitchenette and a cozy sitting room and you will have a true mother-in-law suite.
  3. Get some space between you and your older kids. When you have little ones, you want to be near them during the night time to be able to attend to their needs. The tables turn when the teenaged years roll in. You may want to fall asleep before your teens do. Or maybe you just want some privacy.
  4. Meet the needs of wheelchair-bound family members. Whether they be old or young, adding on or remodeling a home to include a first-floor bedroom will be easier than installing a lift to go up and down the stairs. Lifts need to be maintained and take some time to use. This will include some heavy lifting to get the person in and out. A first-floor bedroom makes more sense.
  5. Downsizing is cheaper and easier while staying in your home. If you love your home and its location, but feel the need to downsize your daily life, creating a first-floor master bedroom allows you to close off the upstairs and do all your living downstairs.
  6. Save on heating and air conditioning. If you are an empty nester, close off the upstairs bedrooms and open them only when the kids are home from school or on a visit. That way you are only paying to heat or keep cool the first floor including your bedroom.
  7. Keep your clothing storage near the laundry room. Save yourself the extra steps of going upstairs to put your laundry away. A first-floor master bedroom makes your closet a short distance from the washer and dryer.
  8. Up your resale value. First-floor masters are huge right now for houses in every price range. This again is partly due to the aging baby boomer generation. If you think you will sell your home in the future, a first-floor master can get you your asking price or more. Create a first-floor master now so you can enjoy it while you are still in the house yourself!
  9. Make use of your unused den or formal dining room. Often times these extra rooms are not used daily in the home. Repurpose these unused spaces into a first-floor master bedroom.

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