Need a change, but don’t know exactly what you want? Sometimes it helps to take a look at top trends in home design to jump start ideas for your own house.

Real estate professionals are a great resource when it comes to trends since they see first-hand what potential homeowners get excited about when they see a particular feature in a home.

According to a recent article from the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, these top trends will carry us into 2017:


Multigenerational floor plans.

Whether a family anticipates Grandma moving in or a recent college graduate coming back home (or both!), a house that can hold many generations is a plus. Each area will need a full bathroom and maybe a small kitchenette so that each generation has their own private space in addition to being part of the family home as a whole.

First-floor master suite.

As baby boomers are aging and growing tired of the stairs, first-floor master suites have become the solution for staying in their own home longer! First-floor master suites also enable the empty nest couple to close off the second floor to heat and air conditioning. This flexibility saves energy costs while still having room to host out of town family when they come to visit.

white kitchen

White kitchen.

While some are dreaming of a white Christmas, others are dreaming of a white kitchen! The minimalist look of a white kitchen is a breath of fresh air to a home. This clean look brightens up the area where so much time is spent on repetitious tasks.

Extra-large garage.

It’s tough to squeeze both cars and storage into a small garage. Homeowners love when the garage is extra-large so that the house itself can be uncluttered while still having room to actually park your vehicles.

Big closets.

The same idea goes for inside storage. Storage behind closed doors puts the clutter out of sight. Big closets include walk-in closets and closets with ample shelving.

interior barn door

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Barn sliding doors.

You may have seen this popular look on your favorite home remodeling television show. This nod to farm house living gives a space a homey feel and a touch of country style while serving a practical purpose. Leaving the hardware exposed adds interest as well. They are also practical for hiding a room in a narrow hall that could not support a traditional door on hinges.

Need more home remodeling ideas?

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