Give Fido his own space. Consider creating a little nook or separate room somewhere — probably near a back entrance — as his indoor pet home. Easy access to the backyard is a plus! A sunny nook in front of a window is an ideal spot to build a bench with a pet-friendly cushion on top. From this perch, he can look out the window and monitor what’s going on outside (and keep you apprised of neighborhood happenings).

Add a heated mat in the winter and you’ll have him drooling with joy! If a cushioned bench isn’t good enough for your baby, there are platform beds for pets disguised as furniture that can easily be incorporated into your decorating layout. Fido can also keep all his toys and his leashes in the same bench, so he’ll know right where to go (as will you) when he’s ready for that walk. Add a cabinet or specially modified closet for bulk pet supplies to keep the room clutter-free!

Fido can enjoy his bubble bath in style in a dog bath, which can be built in your laundry room. If that doesn’t work for you, consider changing out the faucets on your Jacuzzi/soaker tub to include a spray.

There are some customization’s for Fluffy, too! If a cat is part of your household, think about adding a climbing tree or ramp that leads to a high platform for her observation. There are also cleverly disguised litter boxes in the shapes of potted plants and bathroom cabinets that replace the unsightly open litter containers.

Include some adaptations to minimize your stress — as well as your pet. When you have pets, stain-resistant fabrics on the furniture and stain-resistant, non-toxic carpeting are a must and definitely worth any extra expense. Also, consider the color of the animal’s fur when selecting fabrics and carpeting.

Many pet owners will go to extremes to pamper their furry friends. Some relatively minor customization’s to your home will add to your pet’s (or pets’) comfort while also affording you less stress from potential pet damage or clutter.

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