Have you been itching to redo that bathroom, hallway, bathroom, your kitchen nook, or any other part of your house, but the thought of how much money it might cost — as well as the time it will take — to get it done just makes you file the thought away for “some other time”?

Don’t be afraid!  First of all, remember that many remodeling projects (especially bathrooms) add value and appeal to your home. Also, if you break the process down into chewable pieces, it’s not as intimidating as you might think!

Step 1: Start by making a list of what you want to change.

Step 2: Establish a realistic budget. Once you’ve worked that out, decide on your priorities from the list. If you want high-end materials or expensive fixtures, budget them first and add less expensive items to stay within your own guidelines.

Step 3: Remember that the little things really do count! Regardless of your remodeling budget, you can significantly update your bath with fairly simple changes, such as new accessories, artwork, floor coverings, and window treatments. Use baskets or decorative containers to contain the clutter on the countertops. Plants or flower arrangements will add to the décor as well!

Remember that it is important to coordinate the elements within the room as well as with adjoining areas so that the overall look flows. Good choices and visualization are as important as the cost of the project!

Step 3: Be a smart shopper. Do comparison shopping for the elements you want to change. Hardware, faucets, sinks, tile, mirrors, medicine cabinets, fixtures, and wall treatments come at all price levels. Closeout sales, discontinued items, paint “mistakes,” opened boxes, and off-season sales often provide big cost-saving opportunities for you.

In the end, the greatest reward is the pride you have in the results — as well as an increased comfort level you have gained for future, more expansive remodeling.­­­­­­ So, go ahead — grab a pencil and just get started!

For more suggestions and ideas on inexpensive bathroom remodeling, go to the Website www.ehow.com, where you can find many specific aspects of the remodel you can do yourself!


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