Cool weather is coming! The nights are crisp and cool and the leaves are changing color. It’s soon time to unwind at night with a hot beverage steaming in your mug while you gaze into your fireplace and cuddle up in the fire’s warm glow.

Have you taken a look at your fireplace since you used it last season? Does it need some updating? TrendMark, Inc. has lots of experience breathing new life into a fireplace and mantle, and surrounding wall. Now is a great time to update before it becomes a centerpiece during the cold weather seasons.

Need some updating ideas? Take a look at these past TrendMark, Inc. fireplace remodels:



Lighten up:

Tired of the red or brown brick? Brighten up the room with a white or other light neutral color all around. This can be done by paint or by drywall or other wall covering around the existing wall.

Storage and Shelves:

Need more storage? Create some built-ins around your existing fireplace.  If you are a book worm, take a look at this option complete with a library style rolling ladder. If you prefer to tuck away your items, consider built-ins with doors like cabinets so that your things can be out of sight and out of mind while you are relaxing.


Love to set out seasonal decorations? We can build for you a substantial mantle that can both draw attention to your fireplace and give you more room to display your collections. Or maybe you are tired of the dusting and are ready to have no mantle at all.


If your room needs added depth and texture, consider adding brick or other stone above your previously flat walls.

Contact Information:

If you have been inspired to update, give TrendMark, Inc. a call. We will gladly come and dream with you about how your fireplace can give new joy in this fall and winter season. Give us a call or peruse our gallery. Phone: 919-868-4545

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