It’s the sparkling lights, mesmerizing colors and even the tantalizing fragrances that add so much to the holiday atmosphere in a home. From wreaths and trees to mantels and dining tables, decorative accents are an easy and beautiful way to infuse your home with the warmth and cheer of the season. This year, if you have renovated your home or remodeled a room, why not highlight the beauty of those changes with your holiday decor?

To inspire your decorating for this season, here are a few festive ideas that subtly and beautifully spotlight your home renovation:

Let Color Be Your Theme

While the traditional seasonal colors of red and green are still lovely holiday choices, consider using hues that coordinate with your home’s decor instead. Used throughout your home, these colors create a cohesive theme that unifies your gala designs and quietly underscores the new colors of your renovation. From ribbons on wreaths and tree ornaments to centerpieces on your dining table and mantel adornments, interweave two colors from your decor into all your holiday decorations for a warm and elegant look.

Decorate Architectural Features

It’s the special features in a home remodeling project that make it unique. By selecting one architectural element in each room to be central to your holiday decor, you effectively draw attention to the architecture and the decorations at once. A newly enlarged window, for instance, becomes an ideal location for your Holiday tree, attracting all eyes to the artistry of the window. Likewise, the addition of a new room can provide a novel holiday gathering place. Festooning the doorway and windows for the holidays with simple strings of lights interspersed with evergreens, the overall architecture of the room is featured.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

There is nothing more refreshing and inviting than intermingling aspects of nature with your holiday designs. Whether it’s the simplicity of a pile of pinecones in a silver or crystal bowl on an entry table, the fragrant nostalgia evoked by pine branches shaped into a garland for a banister or mantel, or the natural drama of red holly berries mixed with evergreens to form a centerpiece, fragments of the outdoors become a sensory delight as they add focus to your newly renovated spaces.

Let There Be Light

More than any other detail, lights represent the season. However, as alluring as holiday lights are, they need not always be electric. Consider the ethereal beauty of candlelight. Lining a mantel or the center of a dining table with multiple candles of one hue and diverse heights creates a stunning backdrop against which your renovations glow. Just as pretty, wall sconces filled with candles cast a soft and intimate light whether illuminating a hallway or a living room.

Embellish Unexpected Places

The element of surprise can be a beguiling component of seasonal decor. Take an ordinary grapevine wreath, for example. With different-sized ornaments of one color and varying textures glued to it, this wreath becomes a glorious conversation piece when hung on the backsplash above the stove in your remodeled kitchen. Similarly, for the bath, hanging a series of three small wreaths in graduated sizes, one above the other, on the inside of your bathroom door, is an unexpectedly gala touch. Connecting the wreaths with a coordinating ribbons adds to the lush look.

Let this be the year that striking holiday decorations highlight your renovations in the most understated way.


Happy Holidays!

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