With a growing population of aging Americans, multi-generational households and in-law suites are becoming more and more common.

Iin law suite trendmark inct is expected that over the next 20 years, the population of people over the age of 65 will nearly double. There aren’t a whole lot of choices. Putting a loved one in assisted living is certainly a viable option, but the rising costs of that type of care can be significant and assisted living facilities can run the gamut from extremely competent to borderline negligent, to flat out fraudulent.

That leaves the option of home care. No less overwhelming in terms of commitment, but taking care of your loved one at home does come with plenty of advantages. Not only does your loved one maintain a sense of autonomy, an important concept often taken for granted as we all get older, but you will have peace of mind knowing that you are involved in all aspects of your loved one’s life and care, as you are all effectively under the same roof.

In-Law Suite Option:  Bringing your Loved One Into Your Home

So, once the decision is made to bring a loved one into your home, the next thing is to make sure there is adequate space and amenities to meet everyone’s needs. A total remodel of your home may just prove to be the way to go, as it most often exceeds those needs.

Additional Home Value

In addition, a remodel adds value to your home in the long run, provided that the extra living space fits nicely into the home’s existing architecture, creating a nice flow, while adding square footage of living space.

While the cost of a total remodel may seem exorbitant, the reality is actually quite the opposite, depending on the layout and overall planning. A typical addition would incorporate a master suite with a full bathroom and door to keep it separate from the rest of the house. More elaborate additions, or an in-law suite call for a kitchenette, and perhaps a separate entrance to the outside.

Decision Making Process

trendmark inc in law suite motherWhichever plan you choose, allowing your loved one to be a part of the decision-making process in the remodel is another huge plus, considering they are the ones that will call this space home. Providing a safe haven will give both you and your loved one a peace of mind, as you all move into a new phase of life.

Your loved one gets to maintain a semblance of independence, as their living space can be viewed as separate from the main living quarters, while you are always close by when needed. This sense of independence cannot be minimized going forward and lends to a smooth transition.

How About You?

Have you considered an in-law suite for your family?  What options are you considering?  If you are considering an in-law suite or other house remodel, be sure to contact Wallace Baker here for an initial consultation to see how he can help. There are options for customized remodels to fit every family situation.

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