I have to jiggle the handle to get my toilet to stop running. How can I fix this?

Ask the Contractor

Toilet leaks are caused for multiple reasons. The first thing to check is to see if the handle is loose. If so, it can be tightened from inside the tank. Another cause could be the chain between the handle and flapper needs to be adjusted.

Most commonly, a toilet leak is caused by a worn out flapper. Over time, the flapper deteriorates, which prevents formation of a  water-tight seal. To repair this issue, you’ll need to replace the flapper. If you decide to tackle this task, be sure to turn the water at the valve behind the toilet; then you can remove the old flapper and take it with you to the hardware store to find the proper replacement. It’s a fairly simple repair that will not only reduce your water bill, but also save you the time and hassle of standing there jiggling the handle.

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