Whole house remodeling has become increasingly popular for good reason. After all, a home is so much more than mere walls and a roof. It’s the delightful mélange of treasured items and cherished memories, the juxtaposition of past joys and present comforts. From the carefully chosen décor to the warmth and camaraderie shared among those who live there and those they entertain, a compilation of wonderful elements works together to transform an ordinary house into a much-loved home. That’s why families are reluctant to move even when they begin to outgrow a home’s dimensions, making room additions a favorite choice.

Love Your Neighborhood but Your Home is Getting Too Small?

The fact is that everyone’s life changes over time. A new baby, the arrival of grandchildren, or simply the desire to host guests more often can make that once cozy home begin to feel a bit too snug. With all that your home and neighborhood have come to mean, moving is clearly not the answer. Instead, a home addition becomes the ideal solution, allowing you to enlarge and update your home precisely as you would like. With even just a room addition, your home once again becomes perfect as both a relaxing haven and the hub of family activities.

It’s the versatility of a room addition that makes it so transformative today. No longer confined to merely one use, the addition of a guest room, for instance, provides you not only with lovely guest accommodations but with a room that serves multiple purposes as well.

1.A Gracious Space for Guests

What a pleasure it is to provide gracious accommodations for visiting family or friends. Not relegating visitors to sleeping on a couch in the living room, a guest room offers them a space that is completely theirs for the duration of their stay — a place to relax, to nap, to have a quiet moment. Simply put, a guest room welcomes guests.

2.An Office Space

Rather than leave this additional room idle between visitors, consider using it as a home office. A small writing table ably provides space for a laptop or tablet, which may be removed quickly on arrival of guests. Even a small file cabinet is easily concealed within a closet or with a tablecloth draped over it.

3.A Craft or Exercise Room

With even more creative thinking, you might well use this home addition as a craft room, exercise room or for any other use that supports your current lifestyle. Craft items stored in the draws of a rolling cart or a stationary bike along with hand weights can all be transported elsewhere with little effort when guests arrive.

Trendmark Inc. Raleigh NCThese suggestions, honed throughout 20 years in home-renovation planning and remodel services, are just part of the attention to detail that we at TrendMark provide our clients. From whole house remodeling to room additions, our team of professionals brings that wealth of experience and expertise to each home remodeling project to ensure that you receive not only the highest ROI but also the fulfillment of your every desire in creating the home of your dreams. When you decide to renovate your home, choose the customized renovation and exemplary customer service of TrendMark.

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