Are you bored with your home’s layout? Now that you’ve lived in your home for years, do you realize how annoying the placement of your kitchen island is? Or did you buy your current home recently knowing that there were some major changes that you needed to make?

Even though you may have ideas bouncing around in your brain, your ideas can be nailed down into a plan when you see how another homeowner designed their home.

Here are some places where our previous customers have found their home remodeling ideas:

  • HGTV- This channel first began in 1992 and has recently risen is rank as the third most-watched cable channel. And it’s no wonder! Seeing other people’s home and garden ideas through their shows are inspiring to homeowners everywhere. Keep a small notebook by the remote so you can jot down your ideas for your own home when a show features an idea you love. Record the show and watch it with your family to get their feedback on the idea, too.
  • Magazines- Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens are just two of the great magazines out there that feature homes and their unique features and feels. Save yourself some money and check out issues at your public library. Need a kitchen remodel? Check out a pile of issues and then flip through the magazines only stopping to look at the kitchen ideas. If you have purchased the magazines, rip out the pictures of the kitchens that inspire you. Pin up the best pictures in your kitchen so you can mull over the ideas in the actual space you are planning to remodel.
  • Pinterest- Are you on Pinterest yet? If you can never find the magazine pictures that you rip out, Pinterest was made for you! When you use Pinterest, you will never lose another clipping again! Pinterest is like an online bulletin board or magazine clippings organizer. When you search the internet for a bathroom remodel, or kitchen cabinet ideas, and you find a great picture or article, just click on the Pinterest icon to send the article to your personal Pinterest board. Store the picture or “pin” on your board so you can find it later. Over time, you will have a whole board full of bathroom ideas that you can run by your husband and see which ideas he likes.
  • Think about your friends’ homes. What features do you like in their home? Keep those ideas in mind. Ask your friends what they like or don’t like about their home. There may be a downside to what appears to be a good idea from your perspective.
  • Home Remodeling InspirationBefore and after pictures– Before and after are hard to imagine in our own home. Search for before and after home remodeling photos online. The best ones are from actual home remodeling sites like TrendMark’s portfolios. If you see a photo that has a before photo like your home, it can show you how drastically different your home can be all without the hassle of moving.
  • Seeing a remodel in person. You can really feel the dramatic difference of the before and after when you visit the site of a remodel in person. If you live in the Cary, NC area join TrendMark on April 22 and 23 for the Remodelers Home Tour. The before and after will take your breath away! Click here for more information on the tour.
  • Ask a real, live home remodeling expert. Home remodelers aren’t just construction workers. They are construction workers with imagination. Ask a home remodeler to come to your home for a free estimate and ask their input about what can be done. They may have a solution you have not thought of before!

Call today for your appointment with TrendMark to nail down a plan so you can live your remodeling dream.

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