When homeowners purchased a drab 1970s residence with a vision of turning it into their dream home, they turned to TrendMark for the transformation! They wanted an area above grade that would have unobstructed views of the panorama around them. This resulted in a beautiful, spacious sunroom and terrace that replaced an existing carport with the platform for a stunning view – with a new three-car garage underneath!

Travertine tiles cover the terrace and the floors of the sunroom, providing both warmth and ambiance; year-round furniture invites family and guests to enjoy the setting either inside or outside.

The screened sunroom has wide openings that offer tempting views of the lake and golf course. The vaulted ceiling is pierced by skylights, and a ceiling fan stirs the air when lake breezes don’t. The wide expanses of the large window-like openings are covered by custom screening tinted to diminish the sun’s glare. They are also reinforced with fiberglass to withstand wind damage.

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